Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Thing ALWAYS Leads to Another

Before I talk about anything else I want to let you know how the shopping trip went. Well, all-in-all it went ok. My deep freeze is near capacity and my shelves are beginning to look a little less anemic. It is in my opinion, however, that Dillons is still the best place to get the really good deals.

 Since this is the time of year that birds are plentiful, I am up to 4 turkeys acquired. One, a friend gave me who is attending our annual gluttony feast also known as Thanksgiving. The second was free with the purchase of a ham. This is a good deal because I get the ham and grind up half, divide it into freezer bags and use it to make ham salad for lunches all winter. The third I had a sizable coupon off and the forth was a special Dillons has going on that has them marked at .79 per pound. $11 turkey that I can make several meals out of is a good thing.

D had her first date this last weekend and I'm afraid we have embarrassed her to no end. She has had her photo taken with the young man and has had it posted on FB. She really doesn't like that kind of attention and it has garnered more than she is comfortable with. To top it all off she had a slight stomach ailment on Sunday and didn't get to say hello to the said young man at church. Instead she trucked right by him on the way to purge her stomach. She then went home and slept for two days. She is now fretting over being behind in school. So I want to say to her that I love you, baby and I'm sorry that the last few days have been so difficult.

So, I started on the kitchen. After looking over the inside back of the cabinets, I decided that patching them was stupid. I have therefore ripped out the offending plaster leaving the lathe in place. I then had to clean out the spray foam that we have been putting in there over the years to plug the gaps. This was sprayed in there to both keep out drafts and four legged vermin. The plaster took less than an hour, the foam took 2 to remove. Love and hate foam. Got all the mess cleaned out then added more foam in better locations between the remaining lathe. Much more efficient way of sealing it. I couldn't help but think that in a few months I will be cursing it again as we rip out the kitchen and the new foam in order to replace it all and insulate properly. But hey, It's fall now and anything I can do to prevent $400/ month heating bills, I will. Today, I shaved off any foam that expanded out. this is exceedingly hard on a manicure and knuckles. Cleaned up again. The next step will be to put in drywall and mud it in place, caulk around any remaining gaps and repaint. Since I'm repainting part of the cabinet and never do anything "just a little bit", I figured I can just repaint all the cabinets. I hate the color in there and while I know we will be replacing the entire kitchen "someday," the idea of hanging out in that drab kitchen for another winter has me thinking ahead. I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Fall is a dangerous time of year for me. While I love the weather, love the activities and everything Fall is, I cannot tolerate the low sunlight levels. The second worse time is immediately following the holidays. After holiday letdown combined with grey skies is not a good combination. My saving grace is that my children all have birthdays from Christmas on. Something to look forward to helps.

Anyway, brightening  up a room we spend the majority of our time in is a good thing. Of course if the cabinets are looking better then the walls will look like crap. I should paint those too. In fact, I've already bought the paint for both. Now before I can do the walls, I'll need to repair the cracks in the drywall that developed from the tree falling on the house. See how this goes? The kitchen will look better for Thanksgiving as well. That's a lot of people. Because, I'm cooking and storing so much food, I needed to prepare the oven and fridge. Oven gets cleaned tonight, cleaned out and washed the inside of the fridge today already. More stuff on the cabinets while I did this and it took time from working on the cabinets.  (I was sidelined)

Have you ever read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? or If You Give a Pig a Pancake? If you have, you will recognize the behavior. I really feel sorry for my husband. He has to put up with a lot.

Now that I think about  it, the downstairs bathroom and laundry room needs a second coat of paint...