Friday, November 11, 2011

All in All a Good Day

The house is half clean. Well, to be fair it's a bit less than half. Took some time to arrange a few things in the garage storage. That's an ongoing project. I'm installing a studio space in the garage. My art supplies have taken on a life of their own and are crowding the space a bit. Plus,I'm not even sure what all I own because it's spread out between the house, garage and barn. The eves need to be covered and a heater installed. Should be an adequate space. It is a bit of a sacrifice for my husband. He really wanted to put the Enclave in there this winter when it got bad.

I got the shelves installed in the basement and started cleaning out the lower cabinets in the kitchen.The extra storage space downstairs is allowing me an opportunity to clean out a space that desperately needed it. I'm planning on spray foaming some of the cracks that developed when the silver maple fell on the house over the summer. Rodents have jumped at the chance to sneak in. Really their loss though, Steve and Mo our feline security patrol, make short order of them. Always an adventure living in a house that was built in 1890.

The kitchen really needs to be gutted and replaced. It will be near the last of the rooms we are renovating due to the sheer amount of work that needs to be completed. It is my intention to purchase items a bit at a time then replace everything at once. Finishing cabinets poses a challenge I am excitedly looking forward to.

We started new workbooks for preschool today. The twins are really liking everything we have done. They are improving rapidly and I may have to start kindergarten stuff early. They are wanting to read. Everyone in the house is a reader.They see that and want so much to be apart of it.

There are moments when I know I've done something right as a mom. D spent the day volunteering at a VA hospital and raking leaves at a church. There are advantages to private education. Our school's sense of giving to the world is one of them. Today was Mission Day for the school. Volunteering isn't a new thing for her, nor is it only occasional. It is a part of her as much as her eye color is.

They are such good kids. It was fun to treat them to new shoes today. A's feet have finally caught up to M's and she needed new day shoes. They both also got dress boots. Apparently my penchant for footwear has worn off on them. G got her first pair of heels.We got a bit of a laugh at watching her try to walk in them. After a bit of instruction she was strutting like a star! D finally replaced the canvass shoes that she has literally warn to threads. She got a comfy, school approved pair and a kicky set of heels. They show both sides of her personality. (A bit like me she is). The old canvass ones are happily relocated to the trash. (I still can't believe I didn't buy myself a pair).

So, tomorrow is the shopping day. To confess I'm a bit nervous about doing well. I sat down and looked over the ad, plugged info into the coupon mom site and looked through my collection of coupons. While I will be making some good deals, it won't be as big a haul as I had imagined. Hyvee is harder to deal with. I prefer the deals I make at Dillons. Plus the added benefit of saving on gas with their discount card is hard to pass up. Hyvee does gas now too, but you have to keep your receipts and go into the gas station to redeem the deal. The other downside is there is only one Hyvee gas station on the opposite side of town, while any quick shop will take the Dillons card.

Of note, today is both 11/11/11 and Veteran's Day.

The date is a trivia answer at most and at least a whole lot of people got married with the naive expectation that somehow the numbers on that calender have anything to do with their success rate.

I am honored to be a vet. I did sign up with the understanding and expectation of being in harms way. That didn't happen. I never got to go over seas or really do anything significant. It does, in some small manor, allow me the honor of being counted among the ranks of my family to serve. My grandfather, my uncle, my dad, both my brothers have contributed their parts in a much greater capacity. Of them,I am truly proud.

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