Thursday, November 10, 2011

Picture the Day

Busy but not hectic. The best kind of days for when I'm in that kind of mood. I like getting things done. I like being in a state of accomplishment.
The youngest three had "school"pictures taken today. A wonderful home schooling mom arranges for the locals to get shots taken.We had to shower and get dressed after taking D to school.I was struck by the fact that G is looking very grown up for ten.I can see how beautiful she is going to be in a way that isn't just a mom looking at her kid and thinking she is cute. M and A are tall for 4 and are quite wellspoken so most strangers mistake them for being older. This may have been the case with our photographer. They were working so hard at smiling that it just appeared strained and forced. he poor guy was trying. They will be interestibg shots to say the least.
I was on the other side of town so I picked up an ad for HyVee and grabbed some sour dough bread for lunch. (I failed to start my bread machine early enough) I am planning a big shopping trip with my developing couponing skills. Looks like Saturday is the day. (Yes, I will be explaining what I do soon.) Could be an interesting trip. In preparation and because I have a stupid amount of dry goods on my basement floor, I went to Lowes and picked up some utilitarian metal shelves to organize my bounty. I am humored by the fact that each shelf can potentially hold 1100 lbs. That would be a stinkin' lot of canned goods.
I also managed to teach 5th grade and preschool to my brood (LOVE this part of my day), got my nails filled,  dropped G off for a makeup scout meeting, pick D up from school and take her to said scout meeting (that's two seperate drop offs) and feed them. We totally cheated and ate at a local food place (The Pad. Highly recommend). M was feeling some sort of intestinal discomfort that she has had issues with on and off all day so we are ending the day like so many of them with little kids in front of a movie (Cars I), D in her room doing homework and me parked in front of the DVR.
Pretty typical run for us. Tomorrow is Friday. Clean the House Day. I'm actually looking forward to that. Gonna be a sunny day and sun shining on a clean house makes me all warm and gushy inside. We usually have pizza on Fridays and have movie night. We shall see how it goes.

FYI: I ended up with 105 banana muffins. I did not eat a single one nor do I have any plans to do so anytime soon. Not because I don't like them, I really do. I just couldn't stand the smell anymore. I think I may have a new diet idea.


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